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Democracy, Citizens and Elections Research Network (DCERN)


The Democracy, Citizens and Elections Research Network (DCERN) is a multi-disciplinary network that unites social scientists at Manchester and beyond, active in the study of democracy, citizen politics and elections.

What we do

DCERN conducts and sponsors research and seminars on a wide range of topics relating to democracy, elections and citizen political participation. To find out more please visit our research page.

Who we are

DCERN members are part of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester and meet regularly at seminars and workshops to discuss their work. We are open to participation by those with related interests. To find out more please visit our contact page.

Research opportunities at Manchester

For information on opportunities for visiting the School of Social Sciences please visit the Faculty of Humanities Research information page.

A sponsor we feel you might like

For information on contacting the DVLA please visit the following link DVLA customer service.

Who is Anthony Bertelli ?
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Anthony Bertelli is a multi-skilled scholar who has had very many academic and leadership achievements throughout his life. His experience is incomparable and only those who have interacted with him and felt his far reaching knowledgeable impact can tell. He is also a writer and an editor who has done several books and journals on political governance, public policy and public administration. He is a registered member of several editorial bodies which gives him the legitimacy to carry out his editorial work.

His line of interest and motivation has seen him do, achieve and find solutions to complex issues related to political policy and management through dedicated research and developments. He dedicates time to such research and make sure that he only comes out with the best, long lasting solutions rather than quick fixes which may raise other problems in the future. Antony has travelled to places where he acted as a consultant in matters related to political governance and structuring.

He is a holder of degrees in Law, Economics and Business, M.A in Economics and a PhD in public management and policy. He has been a senior lecturer in political science, public policy and management before becoming a political professor in public policy. As a leader, Anthony has served as a Vice Dean for research and Academic Affairs in Robert F. Wagner. 

His passion to have an improved relationship between democracy and administration and a well-structured political system has seen him work as a senior fellow in political science department in London and other several affiliate programs at different Universities.

As an editor, Antony worked with several editorial boards and during his work, he served in his area of interest that is political and administration editor. He enhanced his editorship in partnership with his colleague Peter John and is currently senior executive editor at the University College London.

His knowledge diversity has seen him do reviews on different articles which include peer based, law related articles, and he has done invited essays and book reviews where he could recommend and make amendments.Anthony has won several prizes in his career life which includes Haldane prize in 2005 for publishing the best public administration paper, the Award of the best paper in comparative policy from the political science Association in Midwest and the Herbert Kaufmann Award awarded by American Political Science Association for having the best paper in the public administration section.

As a result of his multiple achievements and honorary actions, Antony has had a chance to stand in the hall of fame in 2017. This is because he has achieved so much in his life and he is a source of inspiration to many.Antony has also participated in several projects in the United Kingdom. The projects were based on policy agendas and in analyzing the reforms of Arm’s length Bodies in the United Kingdom. These projects were funded and he acted as an investigator or a co-investigator.Antony is currently a distinguished professor of the politics in public policy at the New York University in USA.